Longsha Renovations and updates.

2014, Rebeca and Rambo sleepy lazy wooden sun chairs

These chairs are chunky and huge great lazy lounging chairs made by  a few quests way back in 2014. The two people who helped and volunteered to make them amongst some other kind quest were Rebecca and Rambo from Spain, hence the name of the chairs.

They sit at the front end of the beach facing the water and are great for lazing around on, normally a light cover is built over them to help protect from the sun.

Great for watching volleyball and sunsets.

2016 Wooden/ Zinc undercover area.

Great undercover area for those of you who like a bit more comfort with a roof above your head while it rains. Can’t say it’s much quieter with the large potter patter rain drops, but it definitely keeps you drier on those rainy days.

The tent cover accommodates around 20 people for those who prefer the extra comfort of a roof above there tent. The cover tent area is also closer to the toilets than beach front tents.

Unfortunately you do not get a sea view with the rain cover!

2015/16, 1st Longsha Transfere Boat

The first Longsha transfer boat was introduced with a new engine. All information for the boat prices etc are available on the Longsha Boat transferee page.

2016 –Ladies Toilets/Showers.

The old zinc make do toilets were completely rebuilt with a concrete base that slopes so water naturally empties / drains better, with three toilets, ( Only two working to date) new plastic doors that don’t rattle as much as the old zinc ones in the wind. There is one squat toilet and one western style toilet. A shorter tap added for bucket filling and for washing feet etc.

2017, Two basic Rooms.

Two basic (potentially staff) rooms/stores to be built to what ever specifications desired, main objective to have somewhere dry to sleep and store things when raining etc. Basic wood and equipment given, using old restored windows or doors or peace’s of driftwood etc.

Still not fully finished to date, but interesting to see two different takes on what a room could look like given the basics and  to see what things can be restored or reused .

2018 New Longsha Water sports, Snorkelling Hut.

The new area for life jackets and snorkels to be stored and rented at the front of Longsha and next to the lazy relax wooden sunset chairs. A new table and bench also built in this area at the front of the hut for relaxing, having a drink etc. 

Available from the Longsha hut:

  • Snorkel and Life jacket Rental
  • Boat trips
  • Drinks
  • T-shirts (when available, limited stocks)

The Longsha hut area is not  being fully utilised to its full potential yet and still being developed/created. 

2018/2019 – Monsoon, Men’s Toilets Rebuilt.

Many helping hands involved in the rebuilding of the toilets. There are three toilets and new shower space with sloping floor for the water to drain. New plastic doors, so no more noises zinc doors blowing in the wind. The old zinc panels have been replaced with concrete base and the walls have a plaster/concrete panel so people can do some artworks if feeling creative on the outside walls. 

2019 Summer, men’s toilets painted and updated.


Restore and fix broken tables at end of 2019 season Fromwear and tear and weather conditions with driftwood and panels found around the island.

New for 2019/2020

Built up wood/sand platforms for the undercover table kitchen eating area and a trial side tenting area. This helps to keep the heavy rains redirected away from these areas helping to maintain some dryer areas.

Improving the relaxing garden areas in 2021/2022

Making some bigger double deeper hammocks for ultra comfort throughout the campsite, in shaded new garden areas.. Increased the amount of hammocks at the front hangout area and around the campsite.

Some of our lilies starting to blossom also around the gardens fully this year.

Lonsha logo, painted by Nsha.

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