Longsha Story starts in 2014….

Longsha started from an idea for a cheap budget, basic beach side camping experience that should be able to accommodate small groups and mix many cultures in one living space, like a home away from home at a very reasonable low budget price. 

This was the Original Longsha sign at camp from 2014-2017.

Longsha originates from collective help of many locals, family and volunteers alike, who have supported, volunteered, learned and helped each other in many different ways, about cultures and languages, hospitality in tourism, crafts, art and day to day survival on the island. The idea was to run something with minimal effort and fuss but with the basic needs for staff and guest to enjoy an environment that should be relaxed for all.

Previously the Kapas campsite (as it was named before Longsha) used to open its doors only to group bookings, mostly at weekends and as and when group bookings were taken, so remained mostly closed unless a booking was taken.

Back in 2014, the campsite became Longsha Campsite at Kapas Island, with just eleven tents, one set of broken toilets, a store, kitchen and some very overgrown land that needed a bit of TLC.

The ground land was cleaned up a lot trying to preserve any trees possible,  hanging a few hammocks and seating areas put in place. Previous boys toilets and showers were adjust so a girls and boys very basic shower block was occupied at the campsite.

Basic Boys and girls shower/toilet block added in 2014.

The kitchen had a bit of a spruce up internally to make things more suitable for day to day use of many guest rather than just a group use kitchen. Two more stoves/hob cooking facilities placed and shelf’s etc input.

Bbq area made and some basic seating/dining area

Cooking area and seating area added in 2014.

The idea to have the campsite as an everyday facilities/accommodation, beach side camping experience was something new, and we had no idea how popular it could become. First we started with up to a maximum of 15-25 daily guest and 2/3day/night, bookings of no more than 40-60 people once or twice a month.

Slowly after an experiment to take more people due to demand of the islands popularity in years 2015-2017, adjustments are now being made  to reduce maximum capacity from 80; back down to maximum of 60 people at any one time during peak times, (school holidays and weekends), and an average maximum number of 40 people off peak times, due to  facilities, and to accommodate islands withstraints of excessive water usage and capacity for waste. facilities, this helping make it a better experience for all and kinder to the land and environment of Kapas Island.

See our contact page for our two contact numbers for direct bookings @ Longsha Campsite.

The current Longsha Logo 2016-2020.

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