Traveling to Longsha

LongSha travel directions.


is your bustop or Jetty that you will need to arrive at to catch the boat across to Kapas Island and Longsha Campsite.

 (Not Merang which is a little further up the east coast and you will end up at REdang island so be carful not to get confused.)

The  way I remember it is MA for KApas and ME for REdang

Marang Jetty view of Sunset and the river-mouth you will pass through to get to Kapas Island.


You can fly direct from Kualar Lumpur to Terengganu  airport with Air Asia

Or Malaysia Airlines. (Around 45mins

All major international and domestic airlines fly into Kuala Lumpur, Some international airlines fly into Penang,  where you can catch connecting flight, bus, taxi or drive to Marang.


Driving from Kul on the new highway normally takes around 5-6 hours


Driving coastal routes or cross country from Kuala or Penang normally takes  around 6-8 hours as a guide.

Great taxi service at Terengganu airport where you pay for your journey at the airport taxi counter and then wait in line outside the airport for your taxi, giving your receipt to the taxi driver.

  • Tgg airport taxi transfers to Marang Jetty is around 50 – 60Rm. (Takes around 45 mins)
  • Tgg airport taxi to Tgg town is around 20-30Rm. (Takes around 20-30mins)

Longsha also have a few Taxi numbers of reliable Taxis and now there is also Grab available .


There are great comfortable express bus services throughout Malaysia day and night (many companies to choose from) you can take the bus from most states/towns in Malaysia to Tgg.

One company who you can book bus tickets through. You will see this office at the Marang bus-top, so if you need a return for a certain date, it is better for you to buy your ticket before you come to the island as there are no bus company offices on the island. Especially in school holidays or weekends as buses become full quickly.

If you come the KL route to Tgg you can ask the bus to stop at Marang bus stop so you do not have to go to Tgg and travel back to Marang. The last local Tgg “my bus” service from Marang to Tgg bus station/town is at 7pm

  • Local bus Terrenganue to Marang 3Rm. (30-40minutes.)
  • Express bus from Penang to Tgg is around seven to eight hours.
  • Express bus from Kul to Tgg is around five to seven hours.
  • (A popular stop half way up the East coast bus journey from Kul to Tgg is Cherating, a small surfers coastal town
The new local MYBUS service runs until 7pm in the evenings from Marang to TGG.
( not to be confused with the express bus for longer journeys)


Marang bus stop is a 10 minute walk to Marang Jetty where you can catch you boat to LongSha Campsite. 

Map for the ten minute walk from the bus top to Marang boat services/jetty
here you will find all available boat companies and the Longsha boat service office 14.


The walk will pass the great local market with fresh fruits, vegetables, some fish and poultry, small supermarket and parade of shops. This is your chance to buy any food you wish to bring or cook at the campsite.

(Note, there are no food or fruit stalls on Kapas Island but many great restaurants to choose from on the island.)

The”longSha”campsite and boat services, Logo painted by Nsha.

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