Contact us

Bookings are always cheaper and easier direct via Longsha campsite or Longsha boat  transfers contacts. 

There are ONLY TWO direct numbers for LongSha campsite and ONE direct number for LongSha boats service.

  • LongSha Campsite contact us direct on telephone no 60199662968 or on WhatsApp +60199832968.
  • LongSha Boat Services, Contact 017-9652968 both telephone or WhatsApp.

(We are not responsible for any agents or any other websites extra charges with  bookings under the Longsha campsite and boat name, so please help by not using Facebook or other websites/numbers  to make your bookings that may charge you extra.)

You can also connect and share pictures etc via social media at:

  • Facebook page, Longsha Campsite, Kapas Island.
  • Twitter page, Longsha Camping, Kapas Island.
The”longSha”campsite and boat services, Logo painted by Nsha.
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