PleAse note we have Managed to maintain the same prices for the last few years , but due to overhead costs rising there is a small increase on sleep costs of 2RM in 2023, See highlighted CHANGES.  

Opening Times – (as a guide only).

The campsite is open during high season (February to November) and closed in Monsoon but all dates are dependant on tides, water conditions and weather.

We alway’s aim to open to take bookings one week before 1st of February or Chinese New Year whatever date is earliest and allows the campsite to open in any New year, closing the campsite from 1st to the 2nd week of November.

 Call always for exact opening dates but note telephone and wats app lines close for two – three months during monsoon from November to February or one week before Chinese New Year which ever is earliest.

The sleeping costs.  

Prices are  per person per night, to camp in a tent at LongSha Campsite. Inclusive of kitchen, kitchen equipment, toilets, showers and BBQ area. (Charcoal you will need to buy and bring yourself)

  • Rent Longsha tent per person, per night, RM20
  • Your own tent per person, per night, RM15
  • Yoga mats for sleep, 1-1.5cm thick, (if available) FREE
  • Mattress hire (2”-3” thick) (if available) per person per day, RM5

(No smoking in tents please! Any damages will need to be paid to the total cost of a like for like replacement)

  • Day trip use, kitchen, shower and communal area, per person RM10
  • Day trip, kitchen only use RM5, for split groups on occasions only, who have majority of guests in there group staying at Longsha.
  • Day trip, toilet only use RM5

Yoga mats and mattresses are limited and can be pre booked so during busy, peak times may not be available.

Kitchen and shower use is for Longsha guests only please! 
There are some Cool boxes/containers provided to store food. But in busy times you will need to share or bring your own storage for food containers. 
You will however also need to buy your own food !

Activities cost

(Cheaper rates for Longsha guests only are marked*)

  • Snorkelling equipment per person, per day, RM10
  • Snorkelling equipment, per person, 2days or more, (up to a week) RM 25* (Longsha guest only!) with a weekly rental price of 25RM there after*
  • Life jkts, per person per day, RM5
  • Kayaks rental can be arranged. Price start at RM20 per hour or RM60 per day)
  • Guided jungle trek tour with guide start at RM10 per person (min 5 pax)
  • Guided jungle trek tour with guide (40 people or more) 5RM per person.


Longsha Boat and snorkelling trip cost

  • Boat snorkelling trips, two spots, RM25 per person (inc snorkel & jkt)
  • Boat snorkelling trip/lion rock trek, RM25 per person (inc snorkel & jkt)
  • Boat snorkelling round island trip, RM25 per person, (inc snorkel & jkt (- minimum three people per trip.)
  • Boat trip to gem Island, Baby turtle sanctuary and Snorkling, 15 RM includes 2RM conservation donation to Gem


Longsha Boat services.

  • Longsha boat return transfer, Marang to Kapas, start at RM40.
    (Depending on how many people in your group size etc or on the boat this price can reduce to 35RM, 30RM.)
  • Longsha Boat day trip to Kapas Island RM55. (Inc Snorkle and jkt)
  • Longsha 3days, 2nights package RM 110,  (including Breakfast for two mornings, next door at Koko’s restaurant, snorkelling trip, Longsha Tent and use of all Longsha camping facilities, return transfers to and from Kapas Island.
  • Longsha 2days, 1nights package RM90, (including Breakfast for one morning, next door at Koko’s resturant, snorkling trip, Longsha tent, and use of all Longsha camping facilities, return transfere to and from Kapas Island.
  • Longsha boat, food shopping trips, return transfers, Kapas to Marang, RM25*

Local currency is in Malaysian Ringgit, (MYR or RM).

There are NO ATMs on the island or money changers.

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The”longSha”campsite and boat services, Logo painted by Nsha.


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