The campsite

Longsha Campsite.

Longsha started from an idea for a cheap budget, basic beach side camping experience that should be able to accommodate small groups and mix many cultures in one living space, like a home away from home at a very reasonable low budget price.

Original and first Longsha camping sign on some old driftwood. 2014/15

Longsha Campsite originates from collective help of many locals, family and volunteers alike, who have supported, volunteered, learned and helped each other in many different ways about cultures and languages, hospitality in tourism, crafts, art and day to day survival on an Island. The idea to run something with minimal effort and fuss, with the basic needs for staff and guest to enjoy an environment that should be relaxed for all. To be like a home away from home.

Campsite group bookings maximum number/ capacity is  60 people at any one time.

You can use Longsha tents or use your own, (size restrictions apply) see cost page for price.


  • LONGSHA GUESTS ONLY! If you have friends staying somewhere else you will need to ask staff if it’s possible to accommodate extra people in the kitchen as it can get very overcrowded at busy times and so is not fair for those paying to have to wait for people who are not staying at the campsite.(common sense really!) There is a small charge for day use of the kitchen if you have split groups where the majority of guests are staying at Longsha campsite, it may be possible to use the kitchen if the campsite is not busy and at an additional charge, see campsite cost.
  • KITCHIN COOKING STOVES. There are three guest cooking stations, two small cooking stoves with one big industrial cooking stove for larger groups.
  • BBQ GRillS, with two large BBQ grills, guests to bring their own charcoal. BBQ grills are to be kept clean by guests. Some beign there own grills, or bring your own till foil to cover food or grill appropriately.
  • DINNING AREA, Undercover, raised floor area for eating, next to the kitchen.
  • ELECTRICITY AND LIGHTING is available from 7pm to 11, some solar lighting thereafter.
  • KITCHEN CLOSED FROM 10pm onwards, Kitchen use to be minimalised after 10pm to help reduce noise for our fellow neighbours who surround the back of campsite kitchen.
  • SMAL PORTABLE GASS COOKERS. If you choose to bring your own small portable gas cooker, please be respectful and considerate of any harmful smells and fumes from your cooker by making sure you are in a well ventilated area and distance from other people.
  • NO COOKING AT FRONT OR BEACH AREA OF LONGSHA CAMPSITE PLEASE, We encourage all of our guests to follow our guidelines to NOT cook or prepare food at the front communal areas of Longsha or front beach area. We have neighbours who have there own restaurants either side and we like to respect and ensure people do not confuse our CAMPSITE with a restaurant. Please use our kitchen and dining areas.
Electricity 7 -11pm fro charging things.

Shower and Toilets.

  • Bathe shower and toilets are very basic but do the job!
  • Ladies toilets were rebuilt in 2017 and the boys toilets were rebuilt in 2018/19(More info and pictures of update in the longsha renovations blog).
  • Both men’s and Ladies toilets are with basic squat Asian toilet, and a western style toilet.
  • Showers are open air in both toilets and we remind guest to be sparing of the water usage.Water is pumped from the wells and into storage tanks for the day.

Varied tent positions, covered or beach front.

  • All of Longsha tents are double layered on the front and raised side rows.
  • Front row tents are more exposed to beautiful sea and beach views, but be prepared for the odd windy and wet weather conditions that island life can reveal. It all adds to the experience and fun of Camping!
  • There is an undercover tent area built in 2016, which can accommodate those guests who use the pre pitched Longsha tents. They are fixed and bit more sheltered from the rain. These tents are closer to the toilets and showers but views to the sea are restricted slightly.
  • Guest with thier own tents should ensure there tents are waterproofed as we only have enough extra covers/canvases for Longsha tents who we will help first in the case of wet weather and if any canvas are left over thereafter we will help guest with there own personal tents.
  • Pitches for guest personal tents are in the middle of the campsite facing the sea.

Boat trips & snorkling at the campsite.

  • Small boat trips can be arranged, see snorkelling and boat pricing for packages or talk to one of the crew at Longsha when you arrive. Largest group on small boat is 6-8 people.
  • Longsha Boat services is also used for snorkelling trips, and always for larger groups.
  • Discounted shopping trips with LongSha boat services.
Longsha small boats for snorkling trips.
  • Snorkelling equipment is discounted for
  • Longsha camping guest after two days of use. (*only for Longsha guests only, see price page for further info.)
  •  Snorkles can be arranged through Longsha Campsite when you arrive.

Relax areas.

  • We have a selection, books, information guides, games, and some instruments, which you can enjoy in one of the many stand alone seating areas, or enjoy our hammock areas, where you can relax into Kapas relax time.

Things to bring with you/ practical information

  • Charcoal if you want to make use of the BBQ.
  • Mosi repellant- yep there are loads of mosiquitos!
  • Sun cream, sun block or swimming top.
  • Hat – (good idea for keeping the rays off)
  • Sarong or towel.
  • Mosi sting, itch relief, bite cream
  • Girls, Sanitary products.
  • Swimwear ( yep people forget!)
  • Maybe a pillow or jumper for your head if you like comfort.
  • We have NO WIFI at the campsite.
  • Money, there is no ATM on the Island.
  • Drinking water is provided but chargeable per bottle.

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LongSha Campsite Contact numbers.

LongSha camping, call direct Longet +60199662968

LongSha camping on WhatsApp +60199832968.

The”longSha”campsite and boat services, Logo painted by Nsha.



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