Beautiful & Magical Sunsets @ Longsha Campsite, Kapas Island, Terengganu, Malaysia.

Sunsets can be truly amazing anywhere in the world, but Kapas Island surely sows of the sunset TV screen in beauty.

Some of the best storms produce the best sunsets are after the monsoon rains or storms have stopped, the beautiful colours shine through lighting up the clouds.

Mid season very low tide at sunset. You can see your unable to swim and many corals are exposed.

Some of the most hazy days, showing the light and reflection From the sunsets in different ways, weeks at a time. The haze disturbing the sunsets and visibility for the boats for long periods and weeks at a time, but makes for some different beautiful photos and memories.

During the evening the tides have become so low every day that the coral is exposed directly to the sunlight. This used to only happen in monsoon times, but seems the whole weather pattern is changing very quickly with ultra low tides in season and very extremely high tides in the middle of July also.

Very low tides produce a very different view of the sunsets with rocks and stones sparkling amongst low soft waves.

The waters at sunsets glisten in a different light and become more sparkly with different Hughes of colour compared to when the ocean is hit by the sun on a clear day and the tide is higher.

Even the sky is very magical at night times also. The moon is amazing and teh stars are so bright on clear days. Full moon lights up the sky very well and is beautiful if you watch it come down on the water but after the lights have gone out.

The beauty of any place on our planet is measured how we help to take care of it. Be a responsable tourist, dispose of your litter properly and respect nature where possible.

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