Gardening at Longsha Campsite, Kapas Island.

Garden and Tree management at Longsha.

Sometimes it is necessary to cut down trees that may pose a danger if they were to fall but where possible, consideration for animals homes is taken… here you can see an aquanna home we managed to save when  having to cut down a coconut tree that was slowly falling down.
Sometimes the trees just fall and break by themselves….TIMBER!

New flowers, pots and garden areas added.

We have taken to repotting some of our garden to be creative with the weeds that flower, many of them have very pretty colourful flowers on them.

Making a few hanging baskets and trying to be creative with what you can actually hang plants in from the surrounding nature, and just sitting back to see what actually grows. Some of the plants take and grow and some don’t.

Were always taking cuttings and regrowing some new versions of plants, especially the traditional Malay plants for the campsite to make the garden look a bit more inviting with some local colour.

It saves wasting money trying to buy new plants etc, it can be fun to try and grow new plants from cuttings also.

Over the last few years we have tried to also grow thighs from seeds in our small fruit and veg patch.
HElP university in Penang, kindly encourage there students to get involved in this project also and sponsor some beginners plants. The biggest problem with the vegi garden is maintaining and watering everything as it needs someone to look after it all year round.but the more hardy plants survive.

THANKYOU HELP UNI for your continued support and fun weekends with us.

Lemon grass, chilliest, Aloe vera, lime,onions, garlic, ginger, pumpkin….amount a few things we tried to grow.

Always adding and trying new plants or seeds.
Have tried potatoes but they don’t seem to like the soil to much only grow a few small salad potatoes.

Everyone’s invited to join in at Longsha Campsite in our vegi garden growing.

Visit us at
Visit us at

Contact info telephone numbers and social media on our contacts page on the website.

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